April 7th 2011

At our most recent TANSA meeting, Professor Neil Broom presented a synopsis of his fascinating new book Life’s X Factor: The missing link in materialism’s science of living things.  There are still three copies of the book available for purchase for $25 each.  Please contact Nicola if you would like one.


February 16th, 2010

Mon Wojnar, a Master’s student at Laidlaw-Carey Graduate School has won a place at an interdisciplinary workshop at the University of California in Berkeley California, Darwin, Peirce and God The workshop is run by a prestigious group of theologians, scientists, philosophers and others involved in multidisciplinary “origins of life” research. Charles S. Peirce was a philosopher who died in 1914 and developed a new theory of semiotics, or signs.  One of the lead Investigators in the project, Dr. Andrew Robinson,   has adapted Peircian semiotics to “origins of life” issues and new understandings of God.  Dr. Christopher Southgate and Dr. Robinson, are working with a team at the University of Exeter, hoping to make real progress in the puzzle of life’s origins. The workshop is part of the STARS (Science and Transcendence Advanced Research Series) project sponsored by the CTNS (Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences) in Berkeley.  Mon did a Bachelor’s degree in literature and linguistics at Victoria and finished a Dip Grad in theology at Laidlaw College before beginning her Master’s work last year. Her thesis will be looking at the problem of how to reconcile natural evil and God’s goodness.   The workshop is June 20-23.
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There have been some recent changes for one of our TANSA regulars from the South Island. Rev Dr Graham O’Brien has moved from Parish ministry in Picton, to take up a new position at Bishopdale Theological College (BTC) in Nelson. In his new role Graham is now the Ministry Education Coordinator for the Nelson Diocese, coordinating lay training, post-ordination training and in-service training.  This work is now being centered at BTC with the Dean, Rev Dr Tim Harris, also taking on the role of Director of Ministry Education.  The second part of Graham’s role is to Lecture at BTC which teaches Laidlaw College BTh and BMin courses.

Recently Graham has also had some success in publishing in the journal Theology and Science (Vol 7 no.4, 2009, pp407-419) with his recent article, “Perfecting not Perfect: Christology and Pneumatology within an Imperfect yet Purposeful Creation”.  This paper was first presented at the, “New Perspectives in Science and Theology Conference hosted by the Tyndale-Carey Graduate School in July 2007 and tackles the issue of evolutionary theodicy.  Utilising a narrative framework, it is proposed that evolutionary theodicy deepens our understanding of Christology and Pneumatology as creation is understood to be be moving towards its eschatological perfection in Christ.  In this context a theistic understanding of creation emphasises God’s promise to perfect that which was begun within Creation-Redemption history.


October 12th 2008

God, Evil, and the Problem of Natual Theology

New Masters Course, April 20-27th 2008, 30 credits.


Taught by Dr. Nicola Hoggard Creegan

In 2009 the world celebrates the 150th anniversary of Darwin’s Origin of Species.  This course will examine on the one hand the expanded vision of creation afforded by an evolutionary perspective, and on the other hand the difficulties that Darwin’s theory has raised for faith, and in particular the theodicy problem; how are evolutionary mechanisms consistent with a loving and providential God?  Why would a loving God of the evolutionary process allow animal suffering and predation? The paper will discuss methods in the science/theology interface, and ways of examining natural theology which give due weight to the intimate association of Creator and creation in Spirit and Christ.


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